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Following are links relating to interfacing to PostgreSQL.

Programming Language Interfaces

Following is a list of some of the popular interfaces used to allow a variety of programming languages to connect to PostgreSQL.

Language Notes
C The libpq interface is shipped with the source distribution. See the downloads page for more information.
Perl An interface to PostgreSQL is supplied by the DBI module. This can be obtained from CPAN.
Any (ODBC)  

Development Tools

Tool Description
Aubit Aubit is an Informix-4GL/x4GL compatible set of development tools. Combined with ECPG, Aubit can greatly ease migration of applications written specifically for the Informix database.
Bond Bond is a development framework for PostgreSQL and GTK that allows you to create applications and forms for your databases. It can work with glade and allows you to create rich gui databases that talk directly to PostgreSQL. You dont need to write any code to create database applications, it works using XML and SQL to dynamically build the application at run time.
ECPG ECPG is a tool which allows your to embed SQL in C programs. It is similar to support provided by other commercial databases. It has particularly good support for the Informix embedded SQL syntax. ECPG ships with the existing PostgreSQL source distribution.
EFEU EFEU is a powerful development environment for UNIX platforms featuring a powerful interpreter language (esh-interpreter), an extremly flexible text processor and database connectivity for PostgreSQL.
JudoScript JudoScript is a full-fledged scripting language that supports genuine JDBC scripting. Free form SQL statements can be specified and executed either individually or in a group or batch. Expressions can be embedded in the SQL statements. SQL statements can be prepared and run with bind parameters. Stored procedure calls can take in-, out- and bidirectional bind parameters. Multiple connections can be set up independently and SQL statements are bound to each.
Melati Melati is a tool for building Java-programmed websites backed by a database.
pg.el pg.el lets you access the PostgreSQL object-relational DBMS from Emacs, using its socket-level frontend/backend protocol. The module is capable of automatic type coercions from a range of SQL types to the equivalent Emacs Lisp type. This is a low level API, and won't be useful to end users.
PXSQL PXSQL is a new tool to create dynamic web application with XML/XSLT.
ZeosDBO ZeosDBO is an open source database abstraction layer which supports the major open and closed source databases. It runs on both Windows and Linux and integrates with Delphi, Kylix and C++ Builder.

Administration Tools

Tool Description
PgAccess PgAccess is a cross-platform database management tool for PostgreSQL written in Tcl/Tk.
pgAdmin III pgAdmin III is a powerful administration and development platform for the PostgreSQL database, free for any use. The application is running under GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and Windows 2000/XP.
phpPgAdmin phpPgAdmin is a phpMyAdmin like graphical PostgreSQL administrative tool. Features include, the ability to:
  • create and drop databases
  • create, copy, drop and alter tables/views/sequences/functions/indices
  • edit and add columns
  • drop columns from an existing table
  • change default values of existing columns
  • execute any SQL-statement, even batch-queries
  • manage keys on fields
  • create and read dumps of tables
  • administer one single database
  • administer multiple servers
  • administer users
  • administer groups

Report Writing

Tool Description
Gedafe Gedafe (Generic Database Front-End) is an application independent end-user web front-end for databases. Application independant means that the front-end doesn't have any information about the structure and contents of the database.
Papyrus Papyrus is an XML reporting engine for PostgreSQL. Your reports can be generated as PDF, PostScript, XML, HTML, DVI, Latex or straight ANSI text. A diverse range of formatting can be applied to the reports. It includes a gnome application for running your applications.


Add-on Description
OpenFTS OpenFTS (Open Source Full Text Search engine) is an advanced PostgreSQL-based search engine that provides online indexing of data and relevance ranking for database searching. Close integration with database allows use of metadata to restrict search results.
pgMail pgMail is a small TCL based script that you can store within any PostgreSQL database. Once it is stored there, you can create any number of specialized procedures to send email from directly within PostgreSQL. i.e. emailing a customer when product ships.
PostGIS PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL. This allows you to store 3D data in PostgreSQL.
Slony Slony is a master to multi-slaves replication engine for PostgreSQL.

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